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powerpoint presentation on hiv aids awareness

hiv aids awareness and prevention. File Format: Microsoft Powerpoint Description: Available HIV-AIDS Awareness & Prevention powerpoint presentation for free download which is uploaded by honey an active user in belonging ppt presentation Health & Wellness category. AIDS - The acronym for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. AIDS is a disease which has the following elements: zA confirmed positive test for HIV/AIDS. zImmuno-compromised status (demonstrated by a low T cell count). zThe presence of either . HIV / AIDS Education & Prevention Program. Immunosuppression induced by HIV modifies the clinical presentation of TB. •54 NGO’s are involved in HIV/AIDS public awareness and in the care and support of persons living with HIV/AIDS.

HIV and AIDS - Facts, Prevention and Treatment

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About This Presentation Follow. African Am. African American women were 25 times the rate for white women. What is AIDS?. Glencoe Health pp. California: McGraw-Hill. Planned Parenthood.

Barrier Methods. Know More, powerpoint presentation on hiv aids awareness. All rights reserved. Slide 1. Slide 2. Slide 3. Slide 4. Slide 5. Facts and Statistics Contd. Slide 6. Slide 7. Slide 8. Modes of Transmission Risky Sexual Behaviors Unprotected vaginal intercourse Unprotected anal intercourse Unprotected oral intercourse Unprotected intercourse with multiple partners, powerpoint presentation on hiv aids awareness. Slide 9. Slide 10.

Slide 11. Slide 12. Unprotected intercourse with multiple partners More chances of transmission If using protection with everyone Conducting intercourse with one unprotected is like having intercourse with everyone. Slide 13. Modes of Transmission Contd. IV drug use Blood transfusion Transfer through saliva Enters through any cut,wounds, or other open abrasion of skin.

Slide 14. Slide 15. Barrier Methods Correct condom use i. Slide 16. Condom Commercial. Slide 17. Barrier Methods Cont. Dental Dams Cervical caps Diaphragms. Slide 18. Slide 19. Slide 20. Healthy Sexual Relationships Normal life is a possibility Safe sexual behaviors Responsible decisions Staying informed.

Slide 21. Treatment Antiretroviral drugs, powerpoint presentation on hiv aids awareness. Slide 22. Slide 23. Slide 24. References Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Slide 25. References World Health Organization.


AIDS Awareness |authorSTREAM


powerpoint presentation on hiv aids awareness


Jan 28,  · AIDS Awareness - authorSTREAM Presentation. Treatment: Treatment The viral load test Assessment for signs/symptoms of potential drug toxicities Adherence counselling and assessment of adherence Assessment of response to therapy and signs of treatment failure Weight measurement CD4 testing at least every six months (if available) Haemoglobin monitoring for patients . Download Free AIDS PowerPoint Presentation. World Celebrates AIDS Day on 1st December of every year. This day people are educated and awareness about this incurable disease that’s been terrifying the world since many years is spread. Jan 03,  · HIV and AIDS - Facts, Prevention and Treatment 1. HIV / AIDS Dr Jaya Chakravarty Assistant Professor Department of Medicine IMS, BHU 2. Introduction • In CDC reported PCP pneumonia & kaposi’s sarcoma in homosexual males. • In Human immunodeficiency virus .